Remote Tuner Module

New Radio Tuner Architecture for In-Car-Infotainment Systems

Hirschmann Car Communication has developed a new radio tuner technology for in-car infotainment systems: the Remote Tuner Module (RTM) for radio broadcast reception. The RTM concentrates central radio functions in one place at the rear of the vehicle. This simplifies the architecture of the entire antenna system considerably and minimises the number of head unit (HU) variants for automotive manufacturers.

Comparison of Conventional and New Remote Tuner Architecture
Features Benefits

System cost savings

  • Reduced number of antenna amplifiers
  • Reduction of coaxial cables and connectors
  • Low development effort due to simple API interface


  • Optimal RF performance due to close location to antenna
  • Ideally packed into the already existing location of an antenna amplifier
  • Free up space in fully packed headunits
  • Designed for 105°C ambient temperature environments


  • Less material due to reduction in coaxial cables and antenna amplifiers
  • AM, FM, DAB and HD reception
  • FM-Phase Diversity, DAB MRC and HD MRC
  • Seamless linking (on module): FM-FM, FM-DAB, DAB-DAB, FM-HD
  • Data services TMC and TPEG
  • Background search on dedicated tuner
  • A2B Interface for control, audio, data and firmware update
  • MQS connector for direct antenna connection
  • FAKRA connector for coax cables
  • Software API over A2B available to control entire functionality
  • Operating temperature range
  • –40°C to +95°C full functionality*
  • +95°C to +105°C power saving modes

*) given a reliable thermal connection to the car body

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