Short-Range Wireless Antennas

Digital wireless data transmission over short distances

For applications involving the short-range transmission of data and signals, we offer various systems for WLAN, Bluetooth and DSRC, for example.

External WLAN antennas

Integrated short-range film antennas

  • Available as integrated, external or transceiver antennas

  • Low-profile, adhesive or magnetic installation

  • Film antenna

  • WLAN, Bluetooth, DSRC, customer-specific adaptations possible

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Overview of standard products and customer-specific product developments:

Standard Customer-specific

Car-to-car, car-to-x and in-car communication with short-range wireless antennas

Short-range wireless antennas for WLAN, Bluetooth and DSRC wirelessly transmit data or signals over short distances. They can be used in car-to-car, car-to-x and in-car communication.

In the automotive, transport and logistics sectors, they often cover convenience functions such as the wireless integration of mobile phones or tablet PCs in the vehicle periphery.

In communications with the surroundings, other vehicles or central control points, short-range wireless antennas serve to prevent accidents, update traffic reports or provide information about driving behaviour and maintenance intervals, for example.

Bluetooth antenna for cars and motorcycles – in-car communication:
Product developments tailored to specific customers and vehicles for series production extending across all models

Car-to-x communication:
Autonomous driving and communication with other vehicles and central points requires reliable technology to wirelessly transmit data.

Range of standard products for short-range wireless antennas

Product overview

You can download datasheets, installation instructions and images for each product via the product table. 

Please note: it is not possible to download files of the standard products via the "viewer function" of your browser.

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