smartantenna offers the possibility of new infotainment architectures in vehicles

With the smartantenna Hirschmann Car Communication has developed a technology that combines intelligently antenna, tuner and transceiver into one unit. Services including radio, telephone, GNSS, eCall and Car-to-X whose ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) are now placed at different points in the vehicle, migrate from the head unit to the smartantenna where they are available centrally.

The smartantenna consists of two functional groups – receiver technology (antenna) and signal processing (ECU with transceiver and tuner). When combined, these groups reduce the amount of expensive coaxial cables used in vehicles and significantly improve reception quality thanks to the reduced distance between the units. The functions are bundled outside the head unit. This reduces the complexity of the head unit and enables quicker adaptation in relation to new standards, with a lower number of variations.

Here you can see a comparison of traditional and new infotainment architecture.

The smartantenna system is designed for OEM.

Video explaining smartantenna technology

smartantenna - Overview services and design

Benefits Features



  • eCall 


  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou

 Cellular Network

  • 2G, 3G, 4G


  • AM/FM, DAB/DAB+, HD/SiriusXM




  • 802.11p 
  • Bluetooth Low Energy

 Automotive Bus Systems

  • Smart Antenna can be customized to the necessary bus system of vehicle 
  • MOST, Ethernet 
  • CAN


  • Thermal Management developed to withstand high temperature in roof location 
  • Automotive quality standards


Functions are encapsulated outside the head unit

  • Reduced complexity for head unit design 
  • Less variants of head units, no country-specify variants 
  • Fast adoption of new standards, head unit remains the same

 Shorter distance between antenna and electronic control unit (transceiver, tuner)

  • Less cable loss 
  • Better signal quality S/N 
  • Better reception

 Save coaxial cables in the vehicle

  • Reduced harness cost (coaxial is expensive) 
  • Reduces labor expense (less connectors) 
  • Reduced weight
  • Better EMC for vehicle

 Support of new technologies 

The shark fin location for antennas and a close-by transceiver are ideal for new technologies in the GHz-range. E.g.

  • Car-to-X communication 
  • Bluetooth low energy 
  • WLAN for external communication

 Tablets can partly replace head unit

  • Direct streaming from smartantenna to tablet 
  • No need for expensive head unit
  • Alternative mechanical concept

    We have developed an alternative concept in cases it is not possible for the electronic control unit and the antenna to both be mounted on the roof in the same place (as in convertibles). In this connection the components can be decoupled and positioned at different points.

  • smartantenna Flyer

    Here you can download the smartantenna flyer, compactly, with all information about the structure of the smartantenna, the features and the comparison of system architectures.

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