Satellite-Based Communication – Worldwide

Asset management and data communication – in remote areas

Satellite-based communication offers reliable communication – anywhere in the world. It is used primarily in global asset management and data communication since it enables communication in areas in which no connections to terrestrial mobile communication networks are available.

The antenna and receiver systems for satellite communication offered by Hirschmann Car Communication are robust and compact units that work with the utmost reliability and can be easily integrated in existing systems. A wide range of different product and installation variants are available.

Antennas for satellite communication

  • Transmission and receiver antennas in small and compact sizes

  • Communication connections virtually anywhere and any time

  • No additional terrestrial infrastructure required

  • Integration of market-leading modems

  • Use without HF cable, with serial RS232 interface
  • Fast implementation of solutions for various satellite services

  • Flexible use under a wide range of conditions
  • Cost efficiency for projects with low and high volumes

  • High level of reliability and data security
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