Suitable Antenna Accessories

Accessories ensure interference-free reception and can be used flexibly

Our wide range of antenna systems is complemented by various antenna accessories that – depending on the installation location – may be necessary to ensure perfect reception. Wave trapes and separate antenna splitters or adders are developed and manufactured for specific projects. Connectors with suitable cables are used as standard with the appropriate antenna systems, but are also available as finished products.

Wave traps circuits

Wave trapes can be used to decouple HF signals from possible sources of interference. This ensures improved reception quality.


Our connectors are based on the applicable FAKRA standard, the associated standardised colour coding system and the specific geometries of the housing. This provides for secure, fast and clear connections in vehicles.

Splitters and adders

Splitters and adders are normally developed in accordance with a customer's specific requirements, depending on the available installation space. They provide the desired HF signal with minimal losses.

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Range of standard products for antenna accessories:


Product overview

You can download datasheets, installation instructions and images for each product via the product table. 

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