Transportation – Onroad & Offroad

Telematic and antenna systems for transportation applications

Thanks to state-of-the-art telematic and antenna systems, we can determine the position, status and surroundings of any vehicle and then analyse this data to initiate prompt response measures as required. Here, the term "transportation" is intended to include all areas that are linked directly or indirectly to a vehicle. With our decades of experience and our know-how, we can offer you our full support as a highly competent partner at all times.

Our telematic and antenna solutions in the area of transportation deliver not only impressive transmission and reception quality, but also a degree of robustness that will delight customers. As a result, they are the perfect solution for the harsh conditions encountered in applications in trucks, construction machinery and agricultural machinery.

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  • Communication & Connectivity



  • Positioning
    • Antenna and telematic systems for GPS, GNSS
  • Applications
    • Manufacturers of trucks, buses, commercial vehicles and special vehicles
    • Manufacturers of construction machinery and agricultural machinery, system integrators in the field of transportation

Our portfolio for the transportation market includes:

  • Antenna solutions:

    Our antenna systems come in different designs, can be flexibly combined and can be equipped with various services. Choose the right antenna solution for you.

  • Film antenna for freightliner vehicles:

    The integrated antenna concept for the Innovation Truck offers every imaginable freedom in terms of optimum vehicle design and helps to reduce air drag.

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