Machine-to-Machine Communication

Asset and trailer tracking – automated, efficient and secure data transmission

Machine-to-machine (M2M) is the name for the automated exchange of information between multiple terminal devices or between terminal devices and a central point. Over the next few years, the M2M market is set to be a key driving force for growth in the telecommunication industry. From the customer's point of view, the two aspects of boosting efficiency and developing new fields of business are usually most important. As a highly competent and flexible partner in this field, we would love to help you to become part of this success story.

We offer specific competence particularly in the areas of asset tracking as well as automation and energy applications. In the area of asset tracking, we focus especially on customer-specific solutions for container and trailer tracking. We have a strong network that will enable us to deliver the best possible solutions for your individual requirements. Similarly, we also offer a wide range of solutions in the fields of automation and energy applications, such as the automation of passenger information and vending machines, as well as Smart Metering solutions.

  • Communication & Connectivity

    Asset monitoring

    • Container tracking
    • Trailer tracking

    Smart metering

    Fully-automated remote meter readings for gas, water or electricity meters

    Remote maintenance

    Remote maintenance, remote reading of operating data from machinery and vending machines:

    • External advertising panels
    • Passenger information systems
    • Ticket/vending machines
    • Telecommunication providers
    • M2M industry
    • Transport & logistics market
    • Energy suppliers
    • Manufacturers of electricity/gas/water meters
    • Automation engineering

For reliable M2M communication:

  • M2M & telematic terminals:

    We offer M2M markets and the transport and logistics industry powerful, intelligent transmitter and receiver systems for navigation services and for the exchange of mobile data.

  • Smart metering:

    Smart metering combines intelligent measuring technology and state-of-the-art wireless technology. Our antenna and transceiver solutions deliver secure and stable data transmissions.

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