Retrofit infotainment and antenna systems

In the area of aftermarket solutions, we offer our customers retrofit vehicle infotainment and antenna systems. The discerning customer of today wants access to first-class infotainment and entertainment systems, even when driving. Whether radio, TV, navigation, mobile communication or Internet reception – we can offer the perfect solution. With our decades of experience in transmitter and receiver technology, we can offer you our full support as a highly competent partner at all times.

We supply products to original equipment suppliers, vehicle importers and distributors that are completely ready for use. Our customers benefit from our great flexibility and product diversity, offering all types of antenna right up to highly-complex, bespoke solutions.


Our aftermarket portfolio includes:

  • Radio and TV modules:

    Our radio and TV modules can be easily integrated into existing systems or head units. Click here for more information.

  • Antenna systems:

    The key to the development and manufacturing of our antenna systems is our long-standing know-how and expertise in HF technology and our incredibly high quality standards. Click here to find out more about our extensive product portfolio.

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