Interference-free TV reception at top speed


Interference-free TV reception at top speed

• New DVB-T2 receiver with diversity for vehicle entertainment from Hirschmann Car Communication 

• Complies with the latest standards such as HEVC and CI+

• Supports both DVB-T and DVB-T2

Neckartenzlingen, June 9th 2015 – The next evolution in TV will be available in Germany in 2017: after an initial test phase in the spring of 2016, regular DVB-T2 operation will start as the successor to DVB-T. With a higher transmission capacity per TV channel, DVB-T2 offers viewers more channels and better picture quality (HDTV). At the same time, Germany is also switching to the new video codec HEVC. In addition, private channels are encrypted on the basis of CI+ (Common Interface Plus) in a similar way to certain neighbouring countries. The new DVB-T2 receiver from Hirschmann Car Communication already satisfies these requirements exactly – and consequently ensures that TV reception will also work smoothly in vehicles throughout Europe in the future. The Hirschmann receiver supports both DVB-T and DVB-T2, thereby ensuring a seamless transition.

Mobile TV enjoyment in sound and vision

The DVB-T2 receiver can be fully integrated as original equipment into the operating environment of the vehicle: the channel list is shown via the user interface of the head unit. Channels can be changed and operated just like a set-top box in your living room at home. Depending on customer requirements, the device has up to 4 receiving antennas that are used to implement an antenna diversity system.

The TV picture appears on the screen of the head unit and optionally on the screens of the entertainment system for passengers in the back seat. However, for safety reasons, the picture on the main screen turns off while driving. With regard to audio playback, the driver and passenger can nevertheless continue to follow the channel content in the form of an „audio described film“ that many programme providers broadcast in the format of what is known as audio description (AD). An automatic background search keeps the channel list up to date even on long journeys. Intelligent channel tracking by Hirschmann ensures the best possible reception. This also applies to business or holiday trips to other European countries, where, of course, country-specific features are taken into account.

„In contrast to the DVB-T2 box at home, our tuners must function perfectly even under the difficult conditions of mobile use where environmental influences are constantly changing. Achieving good picture and sound quality at high speeds is one of our particular strengths,“ says Ludwig Geis, CEO of Hirschmann Car Communication GmbH. „Our DVB-T2 receiver offers you a unique solution which includes not only our own specially developed diversity system, but also a mobile decoder. Despite the higher overall technical requirements, this receiver achieves optimum reception of the extended range of channels.“

Technical features of the DVB-T2 receiver from Hirschmann 

Receives DVB-T and DVB-T2 

Automatic background search 

Intelligent channel tuning 

MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC video decoder 

CA – Conditional Access – based on CI+

Teletext and EPG (programme guide) 

Selecting alternative audio tracks (languages, AD) 

Multi-channel audio (surround)

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