Equipped for the future – Hirschmann Car Communication investing in 5G technology


Equipped for the future – Hirschmann Car Communication investing in 5G technology

Neckartenzlingen, 16 November 2016 – Hirschmann Car Communication, a leading specialist for transmission and receiver systems in mobile communication, has taken a further antenna measuring station at the Neckartenzlingen location into operation. The station will significantly shorten the development times of future antenna systems and expands upon the existing testing equipment for upcoming mobile radio standards such as 5G. The company is thus investing heavily in the development infrastructure for technologies of the future that are, for example, necessary for Car-to-X communication or autonomous driving.

‘With our products, we wish to continue playing a leading role in vehicle digitisation. Automotive manufacturers benefit from our new antenna measuring station in two ways at once: they can test new mobile radio standards in a flexible and reliable manner and, as a result, build up valuable expertise on new technologies at an early stage’, says Ludwig Geis, CEO of Hirschmann Car Communication.

New requirements as a result of autonomous driving
The investment in the new measuring station fulfils the current and future requirements that automotive manufacturers place on the performance of mobile communication systems. The real-time processing of information is crucial for autonomous driving, in particular. The interference-free transmission of increasingly larger volumes of data in this context is posing a growing technological challenge. The only way to be able to cope with these data quantities in future is with greater bandwidths, such as those offered by 5G.

The new antenna measuring station is designed specifically for measurements in the double-digit GHz range and thus helps to accelerate the development times for products in the area of 5G technology. ‘We are keeping a very close eye on the changes in the automotive industry and are making targeted investments in the necessary infrastructure. As a result, we are extremely well prepared for the future requirements of our customers’, says Ludwig Geis.

Short measuring times and interference-free testing 
The computer-aided testing system is the heart of the new measuring station and is characterised by a special system architecture. As a result, the measuring times are significantly reduced. Moreover, the measuring station has a shielded high-frequency test chamber, which suppresses external sources of interference effectively, thus making reliable and interference-free tests possible. Furthermore, the test chamber is lined with broadband pyramidal absorbers to prevent signal reflections.