Transceiver Antenna Systems

Antennas with state-of-the-art transceiver technology, with no cables at all

The intelligent antenna systems from Hirschmann combine state-of-the-art transceiver technology with individual antenna designs in a "plug-and-play" package, without expensive cabling. The high performance and quality of the communication solution are guaranteed. As a result, the antenna can be integrated in telematic solutions with great ease.

Overview of antenna and transceiver systems

TAS 169 – transceiver antenna system

  • Transceiver module with helix antenna for 169 MHz
  • Adaptive antenna tuning
  • Serial interface
  • Optionally possible as a standalone module or as an integratable module

CTAS – cellular transceiver antenna system

  • Integrated antenna
  • Cellular modem
  • SIM card
  • Sub-board for integration in customer modules

ITAS – Iridium antenna system

  • Integrated antenna
  • Iridium modem
  • Serial interface
  • Certified Iridium smart antenna for standalone use

GRAS – GPS receiver antenna system (board)

  • Integrated antenna
  • GPS modem
  • Sub-board for integration in customer modules

GRAS – GPS receiver antenna system (mouse)

  • Integrated antenna
  • GPS modem
  • Cable interface
  • GPS mouse with magnetic installation for standalone use
M2M & Telematic Antennas
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